Direct Injection Cleaning and Testing



Fuel1 LLC tests GDI fuel injectors on GDI specific test equipment.  All GDI fuel injectors are tested at actual operating pressures against OEM specific test plans. Flow measurement is done by measuring actual flow volume in cubic centimeters, on a shot-to-shot basis, through very sophisticated and accurate flow instrumentation. A purpose built, liquid filled viewing chamber is used to safely analyze spray patterns and leak down at operating pressures.

Proper testing of GDI injectors cannot be done on standard port injection benches. Our equipment can operate up to 550 Bar and test most GDI injectors. OEM part numbers are entered into or equipment upon testing and the OEM parameters are compared to actual performance. Injectors pass if they meet factory specifications. You can be fully confident installing your reconditioned set of injectors.

 We offer pre-testing and cleaning services for all types of GDI injectors including BMW Piezo injectors. The Piezo injectors must be serviced before filter disintegration. We fully clean and inspect all injectors and replace any and all necessary serviceable parts.







Please fill out form below and send to the address listed on form. USPS flat rate box is best option for fast turnaround. Please insure your items. All direct injectors must be removed from fuel rails, drained of any gasoline, and sealed as best possible. Please include all of your old o-rings and grommets so we can match them exactly. We will not service injectors that have had the filters removed or damaged due to improper removal. All direct injectors will be reconditioned to factory specification.

 Complete ultrasonic cleaning : We immerse your injectors in an ultrasonic bath while simultaneously pulsing and back flushing them in order to help remove all debris and deposits from inside the injector. The typical result is fuel injectors that work like new!

 Post-cleaning test : We flow test your injectors again to ensure that they are all performing optimally. We do our best to quickly return your injectors to you!

 Flow data sheet : You will receive a flow sheet which contains flow data from the initial test as well as the post-cleaning test. It is always interesting to see the comparison between used, dirty fuel injectors and nice clean units! See the example data sheet.

 Seal and filter replacement : We replace all standard injector seals -  please make sure you include the injector seals with your injectors so that we can match the seals that fit your vehicle. Many injectors also use an internal screen or ‘filter basket’ which we can replace. If your injector has a filter we can replace, we will do so as part of the cleaning service.