Fuel Injector Cleaning

Fuel1 offers ultrasonic cleaning and flow testing services on top feed, side feed, marine and direct injectors. At this time we do not service diesel injectors! To get your injectors serviced, fill out the service form completely and ship to us. If the form is not filled out completely it could delay service. Please include contact information, you would be surprised how many times we receive product without this. When the form is finished, just put it in the package with your injectors and once your package arrives we will send you a confirmation email and put your injectors in the service queue. See the mailing instructions below for the most efficient suggested shipping.

Our Basic testing service is $7.50 per injector for top feed and $10 for side feed injectors. This is just a pretest only! If you decide to clean after Basic test then an additional $7.50 per injector for top feed and $15 for side feed injectors.

Our Premium fuel injector cleaning service is $15.00 per injector for top feed and $25.00 per injector for side feed. This includes testing before cleaning, complete cleaning and replacing of parts, and after cleaning test.

Our Premium High Pressure Direct Injection cleaning service starts at $15.00 per injector so please call for pricing.


 Initial flow testing : We flow test your injectors when we receive them. All flow testing includes inspection for leaks, Ohm testing, spray pattern, pulse operation, and flow rate verification. If your injectors are functioning properly we will not clean them until we contact you for authorization. This helps keep costs to the customer low and service times short!

 Complete ultrasonic cleaning : We immerse your injectors in an ultrasonic bath while simultaneously pulsing and back flushing them in order to help remove all debris and deposits from inside the injector. We apply a serious vacuum to the injector to remove all contaminants!

 Post-cleaning test : We flow test your injectors again to ensure that they are all performing optimally. We do our best to quickly return your injectors to you!

 Flow data sheet : You will receive a flow sheet which contains flow data from the initial test as well as the post-cleaning test. It is always interesting to see the comparison between used, dirty fuel injectors and nice clean units!

 Seal and filter replacement : We replace all standard injector seals -  please make sure you include the injector seals with your injectors so that we can match the seals that fit your vehicle. Many injectors also use an internal screen or ‘filter basket’ which we can replace. If your injector has a filter we can replace, we will do so as part of the cleaning service.

 Pintle caps : Injector pintle caps are often in good condition and do not need to be replaced. If you have broken or missing pintle caps we can usually replace them! Some injectors have unique caps that may be special order and we will contact you if there will be extra cost associated with the pintle cap replacement.

Please fill out form below and send to the address listed on form. USPS flat rate box is best option for fast turnaround. Please insure your items. All direct injectors must be removed from fuel rails, drained of any gasoline, and sealed as best possible. Please include all of your old o-rings and grommets so we can match them exactly. We will not service injectors that have had the filters removed or damaged due to improper removal. All direct injectors will be reconditioned to factory specification.

Please fill out form and mail:

11311 Jones Rd. West Ste F
Houston, TX 7065