Fuel Injector Modification

Fuel1, LLC offers fuel injector modification services to your existing set of injectors. We will modify most Bosch EV14 and EV6 injectors. Delphi and Siemens please contact us to make sure we can modify them. Once we receive your injectors we will perform a thorough evaluation to determine what type of modification we can do and contact you. We then run a coil test to make sure of the durability of the coil and run them to make sure they are good for modification. All injectors are Precision Laser Cut to match them as close as possible. Injectors will be flow matched less than 2%. A flow report will be provided along with full injector characterization on a thumb drive. Price starts at $35.00 per injector.

Please fill out Service form and mail us your injectors. Please remove from fuel rails and any fuel that is left over in the injectors. Please send us your old O-rings and Grommets so we can match them. All injectors are provided with new O-rings and Grommets.